Valeria Duarte
& Ale Paul

Milonga is one of the most characteristic dances of Argentina and it is usually compared to the tango. However, couples perform shorter and more energetic movements when dancing to the beat of milonga. While the tango evokes the idea of nostalgia, milonga conjures up more current, light-hearted memories in people’s minds.

Milonguita was designed so that you can experience the passion and spontaneity of this dancing style through words. You can play with the upward and downward patterns of the letters, creating different images and textures, making texts flow smoothly and naturally, just as the warmth of milonga would.

The irregularity of the strokes conveys emotions and establishes a bond between the font and the sensitivity of the designer. The result is a typographic combination of elegance, energy and rhythm.

Milonguita comes in all popular font formats, including a OpenType version featuring plenty of alternates and a simulated random code.

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