Angel Koziupa
& Ale Paul

Master of the dancing brush, Angel Koziupa, and the node-obsessed perfectionist, Alejandro Paul, offer up another bucket of fun with Malambo. Koziupa has allowed his brush to jitter one whole millimeter in this fresh design. Full of energy, cheek, and mischief, Malambo relates amusing anecdotes of shaving without a mirror, mistakenly pouring wine over the morning cereal, and people who trip over their own shadow on the dance floor. Shaken, but not disturbed.

In fact, dancing is what this typeface is all about. Malambo is a traditional Argentine dance performed by gauchos (the Argentine equivalent of 19th century North American cowboys). Although they dance quite passionately and make the heartiest parrillas, most of them probably don\'t know what a font is. But you know... and we know. And that is something called Malambo.

Malambo is available in extended OpenType format, as well as traditional multi-weight PostScript and TrueType flavours.

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