Exclusive typeface design

Buster Creatives called us to design an exclusive new typeface family for the History Channel rebrand.

The usage of an exclusive typeface in the design of a corporate or product brand is a powerful resource creating a strong and original identity. Also, using typefaces that were designed for specific needs is a trend in the design of newspapers and magazines.

Our team offers original and exclusive type design for corporate use, with a high quality and low cost.

Editorial Estrada requested a font to improve the 6 years old students learning

Banco Hipotecario Example of custom type designed for a bank in Argentina.

Prip para Nextel. Custom font for telephone company Ad campaign.

Net-a-Porter group asked us to design a new custom script typeface for the UKs brand new fashion magazine Porter.

Typography consultancy

In the publishing business usually is necessary to make changes, an adaptations and adjustments in the typefaces that are used to optimize the printing and the text behavior.

This activity requires a particular study of the print technology (printing, monitor, etc.) to redesign the font and optimize its legibility and performance.

Bold Example of custom lettering for Procter & Gamble.

Pease, feel free to call us for more information about our services. A professional team specialized in typography, with a high knowledge in editorial design, animation, web, packaging will help you, as soon we understand your problem.

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